Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pray for Amy

Things to do this weekend (and the weekend starts now)

  1. Pray for Amy.
  2. Load the buckets up for transport to Joplin, make labels for the outside of the bucket of it's contents.  
  3. Get DS to tennis tournament.  HeartofAmerica
  4. Check on garden's progress, repot the flowers and start new seedlings.
  5. load of laundry
  6. empty dishwasher
  7. work out
  8. find stakes for garden
  9. pay bills
  10. work in studio
  11. move more out of pantry closet
  12. get hair cut  
  13. feed fish
  14. work in yard while DS mows grass
  15. fertilize tanks  
  16. take vitamins
  17. change sheets
  18. box up stuff in kitchen/start seasonal change out

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