Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Favorite Way To Cut An Orange

This is magical, finally I can cut an orange and make it enjoyable for all.

I slice the orange down the center. Notice the stem in the picture. It is important that the orange is cut across the middle, not vertical through the stem part. Make sense??

If you did it right, it will look like this. So pretty. Triangles with a white pithy center. This is one of those special oranges that are a pinkish orange color, called a Cara Cara Navel Orange. Yum!! Another reason to love Trader Joes.

Ok, now take the knife to the side of the white center, and make a slice.
Do the same on the other side, avoiding the white center.

The goal is to get both the top stem and bottom "dimple" in one slice.

So the white, pithy center is contained in just those two pieces, which leaves the rest of the slices nice and juicy and tender, with no membrane to deal with.

See? Perfect.

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