Monday, May 9, 2011

My Favorite Blogs

  1. Whatever  This is Meg Duerksen's blog and is a feast for the eyes as see is a wonderful photographer who has a heart for all things colorful.
  2. Dear Lissy  This mom blogs letters to her daughter about things she wants her to know as she becomes a woman.  Lots of great information.  Would have loved my mom to have done this for me.
  3. My Dear Trash  This blogger is an ebay, craisglist, estate sale and garage sale wiz.  She is currently selling to pay for her daughter's wedding and is approaching $5,000.00.
  4. Grocery Shrink  Angela is a blogger from the Kansas City area.  She has quite the story to tell about living the frugal life while raising a large family.  She just had a baby, who is absolutely adoreable.
  5. Conversion Diary   Jennifer is quite a gifted writer.  She is an atheist turned Catholic and often has an interesting spin on things plus great links.
  6. Homestead Revival  I am learning a lot from this blogger and the bloggers who link to her.  I am trying to get back to basics, with no experience in what the basics are so this is a perfect blog for me.
  7. About Thyroid Disease  I am hypothyroid, Mary's site is a go to one for all the latest information.
  8. Marks Daily Apple  I am just starting to look at the primal/paleo eating lifestyle.  Mark has that plus exercise videos that work you up from not being able to do something to mastering it and success stories from people who are thriving in this lifestyle.
  9. Roadside America  We are simple people who love to just get in the car and drive the old roads, not the interstates.  This site is very useful for finding those obscure little gems that you would miss if not looking for the them.  We haven't been disappointed visting any place we have found on this site.  Check it out.
  10. An Oregon Cottage  I am learning a lot from this blog about gardening, but it is much more than that. 

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