Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easy(er) Subway Art

They have a little bit of stick so she knew she wouldn't have to print anything off, take it to Kinkos, and carve out individual letters with an exacto knife. 

The Method:
1. Paint the background color (this will be the letter color when you are finished).

2. Lay out the letters on the board. she measured a little bit (just to make sure they were straight).  She had a list of family rules that she wanted, arranged from most important, to least important. There were also some that were a little repetitive, so she left those to the very end just in case she ran out of room. This project took a long time, although it wasn't hard.  
3. Get your bottles of paint out and carefully brush paint across the board and letters until you are satisfied with what it looks like. It's easy to paint over any colors that you don't like once they have dried.

4. Once the paint is dry, you can begin to peel off the letters.  Since these were vinyl letters, the peeled off easily.
She decided to leave some of the letters covered in paint because she liked how it looked.
5. Seal the board once you are pleased with the way it looks.

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