Thursday, May 19, 2011

dirty little secret

 Click on the title for the complete post with more photos.  I'm going to try this on our sofa - it has really gotten filthy.

What you need:
Rubbing Alcohol
Dawn Liquid Dish Soap
Spray Bottle
Rag (s) 

What to do:
Mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol and dish soap together in spray bottle 
Spray a mist on your dirty carpet and let set for about 30 seconds or so
Rub the soiled area with the rag
If your carpet is heavily soiled, like mine was, you may need to spray again and rub.  I did this about four or five times!  If your rag gets super filthy, get a new one...trying to clean with a dirty rag is not effective!
The cleaner dries pretty quickly, but will leave a light smell of alcohol.  I vacuumed the carpet after cleaning and it took a lot of the smell away.


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