Saturday, April 30, 2011

Seven Or So

  1. I watched a repeat of THE WEDDINGPrince William, Kate Middleton and thought it was lovely.
  2. The sun is shining and it looks to be a beautiful day.
  3. I have set my seedlings out, will be planting them tomorrow.  So exciting.
  4. I have asked for a propane grill that can be converted to natural gas for Mother's Day.  Not really very mother's day like but we could use it and my DH has said he would like one.  Am I a good wife or what? Hopefully one of the boys will send me a nice card or some flowers.
  5. I want to buy tickets to the NASCAR race in June for DH and our youngest for Father's Day.  Gotta see if DH will agree to that expenditure though.
  6. I do not like how prices in the grocery store are going up.  I am trying to stock up on some things we buy frequently that will store, but even the sale prices aren't that good.
  7. I am really enjoying the Bible Study I am doing with me friend.  The subject matter for the final day of study for this week was The Mass.  This isn't a Catholic Bible Study, but I was able to tell my friend that the entire chapter was The Mass and it was awesome.  Glory be to God.

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