Wednesday, April 20, 2011

101 Ideas in 1001 day (Again)

  1. Move white ware and silver to kitchen to change out the look.
  2. Empty out basement closet and turn it into food storage area.
  3. Use the calender system I purchased, including printing the darn thing out.
  4. Register DS in May tennis tournament
  5. Copy tennis tournament info for Alex
  6. Continue search for Harmony House Symphony dinnerware in chartruese.
  7. Finish up DS religious ed for this year.
  8. Workout at JCC three times per week.
  9. Remove playroom border.
  10. Paint playroom.
  11. Knock out east wall in playroom for additional accessible storage.
  12. Insulate playroom
  13. Install carpet tiles in playroom.
  14. Plant SQF garden.
  15. Check out Pininterest
  16. Clean up blog
  17. Birthday card plan
  18. Buy a BlendTec
  19. Buy a dehydrator
  20. Buy a canner
  21. Get back to regular green smoothie use.
  22. Eat 1200 to 1500 calories only daily
  23. Scan loose paper
  24. Finish labels for fish tank plant fertilyzer
  25. Develop daily calendar, similar to Motivated Moms
  26. Daily bridge work
  27. Get health folder together so I alwas know my numbers
  28. Enter in calendar when next haircut is due, when next prescription needs to be filled and when to ask DS about eyesight
  29. Open bags of topsoil for second garden plot
  30. Pull weeds and turn soil in first garden spot
  31. Remind DH to brace first garden spot
  32. Figure out what to order as hostess gift for Stampin Up party
  33. When is mother day?
  34. Buy mom's easter gift for DS
  35. Fill eggs for DS
  36. Figure out goggle docs
  37. Develop a homecleaning list here on the blog so I don't forget what to clean
  38. Vacuum under sofa cushions
  39. Try a price list again

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