Thursday, April 21, 2011

Creative Estates Conference Highlights

Tips from Becky Higgins about balancing motherhood and small business.

- Prioritize the next day’s ToDo’s the night before. Hand write them.

- Find your passion. Don’t pick it for the money.

- Don’t check your email first thing in the morning.

- Have one notebook for all your creative ideas. The second we take an idea and write it down, the more you allow more creative ideas to come in.

- Begin with the end in mind. Don’t start something unless you know what you want to accomplish in the end.

- Make your family #1. Do you want to be the mom with the picture drawn by your child of the back of your head staring at a computer screen?

- Plan rewards to stay motivated. When the big thing is accomplished you need to recharge. Reboot. A fun trip or a pedicure whatever makes you and your family happy.

- Take inventory on your social media time. Use it to connect, but don’t spend too much time.

- Block out two chunks of time during the day that you know you will be online…and that’s it.

- Take a break from social media and take a look at what the break did for you, evaluate it’s effects.

- Have two sections in your bedside notebook for short term and long term goals. Along with your current ToDo list.

- Emotionally- you cannot please everybody.

- Practically- you can’t let other’s complaints affect you personally, because it will eat up your creativity. Hire someone to cover customer service for this reason.

- Let the negativity go. Don’t take it personally.

- Make spirituality the first thing of the day.

- Not a day that goes by without telling your family that you love them. Schedule date nights. Talk with your spouse every night. Communicate!

- Appreciate the ones that support you.


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