Thursday, April 21, 2011

Perfect Pantry

Perfect Pantry:

I see a trip to the Dollar Tree in my future. Great tip and it looks great.

Nothing had a spot. Cleaners, pet products and tools were piled high and we could never find what we needed when we needed it. So I headed to The Dollar Store to pick up 15 of these:

I love these baskets for three reasons:
1) They were cheap
2) The plastic makes for easy cleaning if anything spills or leaks
3) It's easy to see the contents of each basket because of the holes

Once I got everything organized into the baskets, I whipped up some labels. A few months ago I was gifted these awesome chalkboard tags from Leen The Graphics Queen for being a Facebook follower. I knew they'd be perfect for this project.

I added her tags to scrapbook paper that I had at the house and attached them with white ribbon.

If I ever need to change what's in one of the baskets, it's easy! All it takes is one wipe of a paper towel.

And Voila... my organized pantry.

Now everything has a spot.


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