Friday, April 22, 2011

Seven At A Time

  1. My 12 year old son still wants us to hide Easter eggs for him and we are to "make it good", meaning hide them well.  I love it and him.
  2. Had a great visit with my older son this week.  It was really nice as it was just he and I, that rarely happens.
  3. My seedlings are doing soooo well, I can't wait to get them into the ground and see what happens.  I did flowers as well as vegetables this year.
  4. I have felt fairly well for four days in a row now.  I have hypothyroidism and it has been kicking my butt now for months  For information see .
  5. Had a decent workout last night.  I love going to the gym with the family.  It was not very crowded at all either which was nice.  I taught my 12 year old how to do bicep curls.
  6. I have nothing to wear and I hate shopping for clothes at the size I am now.  
  7. I am more than half way through the Inspector Frost series via NetFlix (love, love, love NetFlix).

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