Thursday, April 21, 2011

10 quick tips for a better photo

10 quick tips for a better photo: "

10 Quick Tips for a better photo

1. Get in close to the subject to capture the fine details. Rather than using the zoom on your lens, you should physically move in close to your subject.

2. Try different angles. This will change lighting, shadows, background, etc. The same subject and shooting environment can create completely different pictures.

3. Get down on your subjects level. Works great with animals, children, flowers, etc.

4. Depth of Field! This puts the emphasis on your subject and gives your photos a professional look. Learn your camera settings to create that cool blur effect.

5. Pay attention to lighting. Experiment with backlit and side-lit approaches. You can use poster board and bed sheets to add or reflect light where you need it.

6. Look for silhouettes. Shooting toward the sun may not work for family portraits, but you can create artistic shots with silhouettes and sun flares.

7. Use your background to complement and enhance your subject. Poster board, wrapping paper, craft paper and bed sheets are just a few ways to mix and match your background.

8. Rule of Thirds. This is another simple way to make your photos look more professional.

9. For a good indoor photo at night, bounce your flash. Invest in an external flash that allows you to point the flash toward the ceiling. This purchase will pay for itself over and over.

10. Take TONS of photos. Some of my favorite pictures are random, candid shots from everyday life.


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