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Teach Me Tuesday: Creating Faux Paintings from Posters

Teach Me Tuesday: Creating Faux Paintings from Posters: "

 Jess at Frugal with a Flourish. figured out an easy way to turn an art print poster into a faux painting. Genius!

Jess explains:

I think one of the most difficult things for me with decorating is that I love paintings. But they can be so expensive – especially if you want to get larger ones. And as I was drooling over some of the larger ones the other day at Home Goods – one of the cheapest places I know to get paintings – I saw a painting I loved for $50. It had a similar look and color scheme to a poster I saw at Hobby Lobby for much less. On sale, that poster was only $4.98 (50% off!). But a poster just isn’t the same as a painting.

The thing is – what makes a painting a painting is the texture. The brushstrokes against the canvas. That is why posters are a sad substitute for paintings. You lose the texture against that clean smooth matte finish of a poster. For as beautiful as they are – they lack the depth that a painting has, they lack the grain of the paint.

And as I pondered this – I had a flash of brilliance. What if I could replicate that depth and texture? So I decided to give it a go – and for a $5 poster – what did I have to lose? So here is what we started with – my $5 poster and a cardboard back from the frame I got at Goodwill this weekend. (Oh and until I decide what I am going to do with my old coffee table, it makes an excellent work table don’t you think!)

Next, we need to create texture and adhere paper to cardboard, so grab the Mod Podge and put a nice layer on the cardboard and smooth the poster ever so carefully on. Make sure you get it laid down smooth or it will bubble (but we will get to that).

Next – using the poster as your guide – brush on the Mod Podge in the direction of the strokes in your poster. I found that it is helpful to use a brush that is similar in size to the one that was used to create the original work and that has rougher bristles so you get a better texture. Don’t worry – if this is your first time working with Mod Podge, it will dry clear. Oh and if you do get any of those bubbles – just smoosh them down (don’t worry if it bunches) and add another layer of Mod Podge – it will just look like layered paint!

I did two coats to really give it some depth and oooh do I love the results! Check out these close ups of it dry.

And here…

I love the way it turned out! Check out another shot. It really looks like a painting now!!

I then cut down one of the mats from my Goodwill painting to show off as much of the painting as possible but cover that white poster edge! If you ever need to do that you just need a cutting board and a sharp cutting object. I used my rotary cutter and a carpenter’s square.

I would just use a pencil to outline your cuts and go from there.

So here is my finished project – for $10 I got this beautiful 16×20 work of “art”! I put it in my Goodwill frame. (After I gave it a nice coat of satin black spray paint of course!)

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