Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday Randomness #2

Spent $154.00 stocking up on food on sale for the holiday, purchased at Price Chopper so I earned 10 cents off gas per gallon up to 20 gallons at Quik Trip.

The weekend was beautiful.

DH went shopping for clothes at Kohls with DS and I--haven't done that since DS was probably 6.

Further reading into my newly diagnosed Hypothyroidism has me angry again.  How different life would have been if I had been diagnosed years earlier.

Enjoying listening to The Messenger by Daniel Silva.

The house was more peaceful this weekend, DH went at a slower pace yet I believe he accomplished more.  Hmmmm.

Finally used those baskets I purchased to store things above kitchen cabinets -- worked perfectly.  I have room for two more but I don't know if I can purchase the same baskets now.  Will have to look.

DS learned how to script this weekend.

DS organized my linen closet.

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