Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jennifer' Shower Baby Shower Games from Baby shower 101

Baby Shower Games from Baby shower 101: "4) Out Of The Mouths Of Babes: (Items required-pen and blank paper) - Give the baby shower guests a time limit of 10 minutes and have them write down as many baby-talk words as they can think of followed by the correct name for the words. Examples: potty is going to the toilet, poo-poo is a bowl movement, wee-wee is urinating (or it may be a boy's penis), baa-baa is a bottle, bye-bye is good bye, wa-wa is a drink of water. You may need to give them one example to get them started. Our guest Pam whose idea this is stated, 'At a recent shower, we played this game and heard about 20 different terms just for 'pacifier'. Everyone has funny and different baby words so there are no wrong answers. The real fun is reading them out loud and hearing some of the silly terms we adults have come up with to communicate with our babies or the creative words our children have used to communicate with us! It's hysterical how many adults still use slang words, for example, we had someone write 'poo-poo is baby talk for doo-doo'!! We laughed our 'boe-boe' off!' Thanks for the game Pam!"

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