Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Triangles in a Square Quilt

Triangles in a Square Quilt: "

I'm taking a few vacation days from work here and there to work on projects and school work. It's been nice to get out of the office for a while, and it's even nicer to finish up some loose ends around here.

On Friday I quilted and sewed the binding on my triangle quilt. I don't normally do straight line quilting because accuracy is not my forte. Even though the lines are crooked and not all that parallel, I really love how the diamonds on this are all puffy.

This quilt is going in our living room on the couch. Since everything in our house is either green, blue or brown...this quilt is perfect for our house!

Here are the details:

Original pre-cut block size:

8" x 8"

Four yards of fabric in four different colors are needed (1 yard each color). You will be able to cut 20 blocks from each color.

Then, the 8" blocks are cut in half on the diagonal (40 triangles of each color).

Sew the triangles together to opposing colors. You will have 80 blocks total. Arrange the blocks in 8 columns and ten rows and sew together.

Binding (for 2.5" strips): 1/2 yard

Backing: 4 yards

The quilt is 54" x 68"


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