Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What to Do with Coconut Oil

Heavenly Homemakers tips on coconut oil uses

~Apply Coconut Oil to your Skin - Sometimes I rub it on my face or hands if I have dry patches. It is especially soothing and healing after a sunburn. If ever we accidentally stay in the sun too long, we slather our skin with coconut oil. It’s incredibly soothing, plus helps keep us from peeling.

~Use Coconut Oil to Make Popcorn – This is probably our favorite use for coconut oil. Sometimes we pop our corn on the stove using melted coconut oil in a pot with the popcorn. But, since we have an Air-Popper, we usually use that. The boys pop the corn in the Air Popper, then we pour melted coconut oil and sea salt over the bowl. SO yummy.

~Make Granola BarsCoconut oil is fantastic in these Chewy Granola Bars. Because it is a solid oil, once it is stirred into these granola bars and they are allowed to cool, the coconut oil keeps the bars from being too soft and squishy. Plus, the coconut oil gives them a delicious flavor!

~Stir Coconut Oil into Muffins – For just about all of my muffin recipes now, I use coconut oil instead of butter. It works wonderfully and the flavor of the muffins is fantastic.


~Subtitute Coconut Oil for Butter when Baking Dairy Free – When we’ve needed to bake for someone who has to eat a dairy free diet, coconut oil is our fat of choice. It almost always substitutes for butter when baking. (Check out these Dairy Free Gluten Free Muffins that use coconut oil!)

~Bake Cakes with Coconut Oil - Coconut Oil is great used in just about any cake recipe.

~Fry Foods – Coconut Oil is a very stable oil, which means that it can be heated to very high temperatures and not become rancid or bad for you. This means that you can fry foods in coconut oil and still be healthy!!! I prefer to fry foods in Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil instead of Virgin Coconut Oil, as the expeller pressed coconut oil is flavorless. I love the coconut flavor Virgin Coconut Oil provides in muffins and granola bars, but I don’t really like my Chicken Fried Steak Strips to taste like coconut. Therefore, I use Expeller Pressed coconut oil for frying.

To learn more about where to buy coconut oil, how healthy coconut oil is, the flavors and qualities of coconut oil…read this post: Coconut Oil: Why it is Good for You and Where to Buy it.


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