Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How I Did On My 10 Things And 10 More Things

  1. I only go one half of the garden covered with cardboard and paper.
  2. I got through probably 30 magazines culling from them information for a creative project I am working on, I have more magazines stored up than I realized : ).
  3. I enjoyed my stampin up event.
  4. I started some new seedlings, one has not germinated so I need to start something different.
  5. DS and I started his room redo.
  6. I staked the plants that needed it using large sticks dropped during storm, I like the rustic look.
  7. I paid the bills.
  8. I rearranged the Man Cave which included moving the chair from my office into it.
  9. Got shredding started.
  10. Started culling my bookmarks on main computer.

I should have done more on the lists, bit I am pleased with what I did do and BONUS! I started a new creative project which I am excited about.

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