Saturday, July 2, 2011

Water and Preparedness

I live in a suburban city in the Midwest and am trying to become better prepared (for what exactly I don't know or didn't know until yesterday).  One of the things I have done to be prepared is to store some tap water (we have great tasting, award winning tap water) just in case.  Periodically, I will change out the water using the old water to water in the garden or hand wash something.

Yesterday, my DH called to tell me we were under a boil alert until Saturday at 5 pm.  I was delighted to tell him that that wouldn't be necessary because I would just use some of our supply of saved water.  It felt sooo good to grab a bottle to stick in the refrigerator for a cold drink, and a bottle for each of the bathrooms for tooth brushing and medicine taking.  Easy peasy, both to save it and to grab and go with it.

We may never know what we are being prepared for or what we are preparing for but it is nice to be prepared either way.  I hope to reflect on this some more to see what other small problems could come up that I can make even smaller by being ready.

Have a great 4th!

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  1. It is just plain old wisdom to live prepared, because, as you said, we never know what we may need to be prepared for. Thanks for sharing this example.