Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Making Money Ideas.

Boulevard Drive In Swap Shop. 1051 Merriam Lane. Boulevard Drive In Theatre. Market opens at 7 am and runs until dark. Admission charge. Ample parking. Average attendance 1,200. Approximately 150 dealers. New merchandise, electronics, tools, housewares, sports merchandise, toys, sportswear. Also used flea market finds, garage sale type items, crafts, collectibles, produce. Space from $5. per day. Snack bar, restrooms. Space from $3. c/p Wes Neal. 1051 Merriam Lane, Kansas City, KS 66103. (913) 262-2414.

Amazon:: Anything sells on Amazon, too. I primarily sell books. Enter the ISBN # in the search, find the average fetching price for the condition of the book, enter a few descriptive words, and viola! I’m done! Amazon is by far the easiest place to sell, as they have a database for every item’s product code that instantly describes every item that you have ever thought about listing.

eBay:: Go through your clothing, toys, linens, electronics, home decor. Anything sells on eBay if it’s priced right! Now it’s easier than ever to list, get paid, and ship! When I first started selling a decade ago, I had to: know html code, take pictures, have the roll developed, scan the pictures, do back flips. Now, the time I spend per average handling each item, from closet to shipping counter, is about 10 minutes.

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