Friday, June 17, 2011

DS Room To Do

  1. Strip wallpaper  We used a mixture of warm water, dish soap and vinegar and the paper peeled off very easily.  
  2. Choose wall color   He is leaning towards a red-brown color, final decision not made yet.
  3. Choose carpet tiles - We chose rugs instead ($90 on clearance)
  4. Buy roll of paper
  5. Buy Glue
  6. Buy Paint brushes
  7. Buy floor poly
  8. Buy wood fill
  9. Fill in seams with wood fill
  10. Pull off trim pieces
  11. Paint walls
  12. Paint trim
  13. Apply floor treatment
  14. Reattach trim pieces
  15. Hang curtains
  16. Move in bed and other furniture
  17. Decorate walls.
  18. Make rug out of purchased carpet tiles
  19. Ta Da!

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