Friday, March 25, 2011

A Photo Tray Project Just For Me...

A Photo Tray Project Just For Me...: "
Last week I took a break from blogging as one of my very best friends from Nova Scotia was spending 3 glorious days with us.
We spent our time together visiting, lunching, shopping, crafting and chatting until 1 am each night.
{Phew, was I tired! This ol' gal isn't used to late nights anymore!}
We first met through scrapbooking more than 12 years ago, where we formed a scrapbook group 5 friends and we called ourselves "The Layout Ladies".
Over 3 years, we enjoyed several eveningsof scrapbooking together, shopping trips, eating out and retreats until I moved away almost 6 years ago.
So last week when my 'bestie' came to visit, I suggested we spend a night scrapbooking together...just like old times.
I convinced her to make a photo tray with me.
I had made 2 photo trays for gifts at Christmas, but I have been wanting to make one just for me.
My bestie made one of her little granddaughter.
My chosen colour scheme was blue & green...but you knew that already, didn't you?

I just love the simple fun of this project.
It can be done in under an hour.
My bestie made her's in this pink & peachy colour scheme.
I think it turned out fabulous, yes?
Her little granddaughter is just precious.
I cannot tell you the joy my friend has in her life from this little person.

I highly recommend crafting with's the best quality time together!
I don't do enough of it...and I really miss it!


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