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A Day in the Life of a Once a Month Cleaner - Steady Mom

An excellent article full of very wise words. The last two paragraphs talk about freeing yourself from unrealistic expectations that no one asked you to do anyway and about not frittering away time on insignificant details.  Awesome wisdom imparted in those words and for the whole article click on the link. A Day in the Life of a Once a Month Cleaner - Steady Mom:

Some other wisdom from this blogger is:

  •  My cleaning motto is "work smarter, not longer." I aim to focus on what matters - cleaning for order, peace, and hygiene. Anything else is an unnecessary distraction.
  • I like cleaning what really needs to be cleaned. If I can see dirt and remove it, I feel I'm helping my family. But if I'm working on something just cleaned a few days ago, it seems a bit pointless.
  •  If the cleaners could deep clean my whole house once a month, why couldn't I? Turns out I can, and I've been doing so for the past three months.
  • Here’s how it works. I searched online for a traditional cleaning checklist (Here’s an example) and created my own based on our home and what needs to be done every four weeks.
  • The focus for the rest of the month becomes keeping the house tidy and doing any essentials–wiping the bathroom or vacuuming the floor. It’s amazing how a tidy, uncluttered house can fool people into thinking it’s clean.
  • Here are the benefits I’ve found in once-a-month cleaning.
  • 1. It isn’t always on my mind.

    By cleaning every four weeks, I’m only deep cleaning my house 13 times a year–hooray for that!  
     My calendar lets me know exactly when the house will be clean again. Nothing hangs “undone” over my head.

    2. It reflects our family’s values and helps me combat perfectionism.

    I honestly don’t want to be remembered for having an immaculate house. 
    It also helps me combat perfectionism–by working this way I’m declaring that ‘this level of cleanliness is enough.’ I’m not striving for something that isn’t really important to me anyway.

    3. I’m cleaning when it really needs to be done.

    In the past, when I cleaned on a weekly basis, my rotation list would occasionally tell me to clean something that didn’t look dirty. I found it hard to get motivated.
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