Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days Projects

There is currently a blog party going on through The Nester's blog where participants use the 31 days in October to post every day on a particular subject/project of their choice.  I guess the is the 3rd year for this party.  I am really enjoying some of the bloggers subjects and thought I would use this post to mention some of them.

  1. 31 Days of Anti-Laziness by 2027 is one that speaks to me is a huge way.  I like the humor she presents her topic with, the shear simplicity of it and the fact that she is getting some of those pesky things done and then asking herself, "now why did that take so long for me to just do it" or similar thoughts.  I would like to replicate this 31 day project myself so look for entries on that in the coming months.  The link in this entry will take you to the main page of Jenna's blog.  I was unfamiliar with this blog until the 31 Day Project but I find her to be adorable.
  2. 31 Days of Bible Women by Stef Layton is a great little study on women in the Bible, Stef has written some great entries on these women and I am enjoying them.  They all give you something to think about.  I was unfamiliar with this blog until the 31 Day Project, it looks like her focus is on living a Bible based life.
  3. At Shaggy Baggy, the blogger is facing her fears so to speak of vegetables.  She is making it a point to add vegetables to each day this month.  Really good idea and one that I should implement ASAP.  So far the entries that have appealed to me are the Eggplant Fries, Southwest Layered Salad, Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad, Super Easy Broccoli, and Cauliflower Hash Browns.

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