Friday, September 2, 2011

Quick Bathroom Redo

Quick Bathroom Redo: I can't believe I forgot to post pictures of the
bathroom after I painted the cabinets.
I did forget to take before pictures though...errr.
I hate when I do that. : )
Well...just picture yucky oak builders grade
cabinets with no handles.
Now, let me make it known that
not all oak cabinets are created equal.
My parents actually have some pretty oak cabinets.
Mine were not so lovely.
After the kitchen redo,
I was kind of hankering to redo the bathrooms.
Enter tons of snow and plenty of free time.
We had a little break in the snow and ran to
Wal-Mart before the next snow came in.
I grabbed these supplies and got started that night.
I wanted to do them a little differently than the
kitchen cabinets, and try to avoid all of the sanding,
so I thought I would give some new products a try:

-TSP alternative
-stripping pads

VERDICT: I love this method!
It was the easiest pre-paint prep ever!
It totally stripped the surface!Step one: wash with the TSP alternative
Step two: scrub like crazy with the stripping pads
Step three: wash them off and dry them....Prep done!
No shiny...just matte and ready to paint. : )
Then I just painted them.
It's important to take your time with this.
1. The first night, I did two coats on the back sides of the
cabinets, the faux drawers and the main bathroom cabinet.
2. The next day, after plenty of drying time,
I turned the cabinets over & painted that side
--again two coats. Let dry.
3. Later that night I distressed the edges of the cabinets
using my handy dandy nail file method and
asked my sweet husband to drill holes and attach
the knobs for me and rehang them.
4. We left the cabinets open to allow them more drying
time over night...just to be sure. : )
Yea! So much better! I also painted the little book holder
that you can see in the above picture. It used have a little
palm tree on it that I had painted to match our other bathroom.I used a little white paint and then distressed it with some black paint.

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