Monday, August 8, 2011

Kids Bathroom Makeover—Installing Board and Batten


Don’t you love it? I looked for a shower curtain high and low and everywhere in between! I was beginning to think that the perfect shower curtain just didn’t exist. And then I found this baby. (And just as a side note—it was $21.99 but it came with a small flaw in the fabric and so I called them and they knocked $10 off the price—so I only paid $11.99 for my PERFECT shower curtain!!—and you can’t even see the flaw—can you?)

Then we decided to add some fun and interest to the walls of the bathroom. I had found these instructions from one of my favorite blogs (320 Sycamore) for an inexpensive way to do board and batten and knew this would be perfect for this room.

So we purchased a bundle of inexpensive Lath pieces from Home Depot. My hubby sanded them down and we installed them about 10” apart.


Next we added a 1 x 4 piece of primed MDF for the top.


Then my hubby filled all the holes and sanded them all down.

Next it was up to me to caulk all the edges and paint it up. This was the time consuming part. But I think it turned out awesome!




Next we added some handy little towel hooks and put up my FAVORITE bathroom art: pictures of MY BABIES.





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