Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Give Away: Back Yard Food Production!

I found out about this DVD resource at Homestead Revival where Amy is offering a chance to actually win the thing! Can't believe it. This would be a wonderful resource and my husband, who just them morning was actually talking about raising our own chickens for egg production, would probably be receptive to learning about other ways we can provide for ourselves rather than relying on the grocery store aisles. Head over to Amy's place at Homestead Revival and check it out for yourself.

• An overview of how she began her journey and her homestead's situation in terms of climate and soil

• Watering solutions - sources, harvesting, and containment

• Gardening - how she raises enough to feed her family, and I mean all of it!

• Rabbits as a sustainable protein source

• Home butchering (rabbits are done in detail and then a couple of other small animals are addressed as well)

• Poultry as another sustainable protein source (more for eggs than meat, but she does discuss meat)

• Dogs as a working animal on your homestead

• Perennials: Orchards, Food Forests, and Edible Landscaping (Permaculture)

• Other Essentials: everything from solar food dehydration to hog panels!

It really was helpful having Marjory share what didn'twork for her, and I was encouraged by the fact that she didn't do this overnight. She's very clear that every homesteader should start small and learn from each step before jumping into something bigger. Honestly, I've wondered at times if being a sustainable homesteader was really possible in this day and age, but seeing what she's done on a small acreage with just a couple of hours each day to maintain what she's established has given me a renewed vision that it CAN happen.

During the video, Marjory will often reference a document that she's included on a separate CD for you to access. This is like getting a book of all the important, need-to-know information along with the DVD - primary sources! Some are from her state of Texas, but don't be mislead to think they won't help you. I spent some time going over the Texas Rainwater Harvesting document and it's an excellent 88 page resource for anyone, anywhere. It includes color pictures of examples along with detailed instructions for setting up your own system. All you'd need to do is find out your own state laws in order to be compliant locally.

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