Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blooming Homestead: I'm thankful for...

Blooming Homestead: I'm thankful for...

I like this idea.

michele made me: Tutorial - Kid and Grown-up Placemat Fun

michele made me: Tutorial - Kid and Grown-up Placemat Fun

It's a Daisy Day!: Super Fast Phone Book Luminaries

I think my son would enjoy helping me make these.

It's a Daisy Day!: Super Fast Phone Book Luminaries

Black and White {Side by Side}

Black and White {Side by Side} Completely easy, but so clever.

Black and White {Side by Side}

Black and White {Side by Side} Completely easy, but so clever.

Homemade Mamas: A Steaming Mug of Cake!

Homemade Mamas: A Steaming Mug of Cake!

Looks yummy!

A Glimpse Inside: Catch a Glimpse Linky Party #1 and Tutorial

A Glimpse Inside: Catch a Glimpse Linky Party #1 and Tutorial

my beautifully blessed life: master bath revamps part one {{jewelry hanger}}

my beautifully blessed life: master bath revamps part one {{jewelry hanger}}

Traveling Lightly Through Life | zen habits

Traveling Lightly Through Life | zen habits

Need this information.

Hometown Girl: Fall Leaves Wreath.

Hometown Girl: Fall Leaves Wreath.

Very pretty. Tutorial at link.

Wreath 002

Personal Budget Software - Finance Software for Windows, Mac & Linux

Personal Budget Software - Finance Software for Windows, Mac & Linux

Something to think about.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I've Seen These Around

I started with this $8 mirror from Target.  I thought it would work perfectly because it had a small lip all the way around the edge.

I attached some bbq skewers ($0.98 for 100 at Walmart) to the outer lip using my trusty hot glue gun.

looks a little scary like some sort of weapon....

Puffy Paint Pumpkins = Not As Cheesy As It Sounds | Young House Love

Puffy Paint Pumpkins = Not As Cheesy As It Sounds | Young House Love These are way cute. See younghouselove link for full post.

Simple Necklece Holder

a la mode: Bauble Board Even I could do this.

Party Favor for Tennis Lover

Roeshel’s Tennis Party Favors Thought I'd link up with this idea in the event I throw DS a party anytime soon. Pretty simple and clever.

The full tutorial is at thediyclublink above. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gotta Say, These are Cute

I wonder where I could put some of these in my house.

Full of Great Ideas: Floral Wire Pumpkins for $1

Full of Great Ideas: Floral Wire Pumpkins for $1 Cute, inexpensive and relatively easy craft that was inspired
by a rattan pumpkin from Pottery Barn


Homemade Mamas: Super Charged Oatmeal

Homemade Mamas: Super Charged Oatmeal This looks good enough to try. It contains oatmeal, flax seed, wheatgerm and quinoa all things I have on hand and all are healthy for you.

Never Thought Of. . .

Using pinecones under the plant, I could do this on my front porch.  I was thinking just today that it was looking kind of undone.  Check out The Inspired Nest link for the rest of her ideas.  She has  a beautiful front porch.

A Glimpse Inside: Pumpkin Yarn Art Tutorial

A Glimpse Inside: Pumpkin Yarn Art Tutorial this project is so darn cute with a great tutorial.

This is what it looks like  

InkspiredTreasures Idea

I've seen lots of uses for the owe punch and this one is really cute and so simple.
I started by creating the box with Pumpkin Pie cardstock.  Then I stamped the bats from Wicked Cool diagonally across the front of Basic Gray layer…I also stamped them diagonally across the back of the Pumpkin Pie holder (not shown).  I punched the moon with the 2 1/2 Circle Punch from So Saffron and used a sponge dauber along the edges with Tangerine Tango Ink.  The Owl silhouette was punched from Basic Black, along with the branch from the Two Step Bird Punch.  I stamped Spooky on Pumpkin Pie cardstock with Basic Black ink and punched with the Large Oval Punch.  I have a Mini Library Clip "holding" it (I really adhered it so it wasn't lost.)

This Girl is Seriously Crafty

I saw some blocks similar to this at Roberts for 24.99 mine were FREE! (I used scrap 2x4's and cream paper, then mod podged the letters on the painted blocks!)

More wood blocks covered in scrapbook paper. We cut the letters out with a cricut.

This one I just put the red paper in the printer and printed the words right on! Then mod podge the paper to a chunk of painted wood!

Clever, Clever Lady

 Maria "found some pretty good treasures! I over looked these canisters several times, and just as we were leaving, inspiration hit - "I can spray paint those!" (I know - shocking it took me that long!)

So here are the beauties before:

I debated back and forth whether to paint them orange and make them Jack-O-Lanterns, or Black with "B-O-O" or black with "trick-or-treat" I finally decided on the trick-or-treat.

First they needed a good bath in the dishwasher, then I pulled out my trusted can of spray paint (high gloss black) After about 2 coats, they were ready. Kinda forgot to get a pic of them all black - oh well, you get the idea

I then spent way to long trying to pick the perfect font (again - not sure how happy I am with the results, but I like it enough) I find all my fonts at DAFONT.COM They are all free and super easy to download. This font is Andrea Karime. (to download the font, click the name, or go HERE)
I have the program Sure Cuts Alot (thanks to my sister Annie) and so I just typed the words into that program, plugged my cricut into my computer with my printer cable, and pressed cut - that easy!

Oh - I decided to spray paint the letters instead of using vinyl. So I cut the words out on Contact paper and used it as a stencil.

I very carefully pealed away the paper, and adhered the contact paper to my canisters, pressing firmly and pushing out all the bubbles.

I didn't want my beautiful paint job to get ruined - so I wrapped a grocery sack around the canister and taped down the edges. (looks like they are going into surgery)

Now the fun part - Spray Paint! (this time I used my leftover appliance enamel from painting my KitchenAid)

After a long wait, I finally pealed back the contact paper.
Final results:

You Craft Me Up! is a new to me blog, but I've subscribed to see what other clever things this blogger comes up with.  Inexpensive ideas work for me.

Bats, Bats, Bats


A $1 Project

This very inexpensive project couldn't be easier. I got the inspirations from a picture I saw in the Country LivingMagazine. Mine is not as substantial or outdoors, but for our small apartment, it does the trick. Older children that can use scissors can even help out with this project! It took about an hour to complete from start to finish. All I did was purchase two large, black poster boards from the Dollar store(.50 cents ea.) This entire project was only $1!!!!! I drew and cut out a bat and used that as a stencil to trace on several bats to my poster board. Then just start cutting!

My little collection of bats growing as I watched Sports Nation...Yep! I watch Sports Nation :)

Then, I used double sided tape the adhere them to the window. They look awesome at dusk!

I even put a few on the edges of the window and bent their wings to make then appear as if they are flying.

A fun little project that cost $1.
I'm linking this project to:

Guess What We Are Having For Dinner

Easiest Mac and Cheese Ever!

World's Easiest Macaroni and Cheese!
  • 1 (16 ounce) container cottage cheese
  • 16 ounces of uncooked elbow macaroni
  • 16 ounces water
  • 16 ounces shredded cheddar cheese
Put Cottage Cheese in 9 x 13 cake pan. Add Macaroni. Add Water. Add shredded cheese. Stir together. Place in preheated 350 degree oven. Take out after 30 minutes and stir. Test macaroni for doneness. If it needs more time try for 10 more minutes. Don't overbake or it will dry out.


I found the following entry entitled "Highway Robbery" and fell in love with the beautiful cabinet the entry was about. Would love to find something like this myself. To see the original item and to read the entire entry go to Highway Robbery.
"I finally decided on Sherwin Williams Creamy White. It’s not sexy, but I just wanted a simple color that wasn’t a passing fad and that would coordinate with anything I decided to display in it.
I didn’t distress it. I didn’t glaze it. I didn’t touch the original hardware. I straight-up painted it and I like it. :)
It’s perfect for displaying my blue and white pieces. Fun fact for ya…every piece in this cabinet with the exception of one small pitcher came from garage sales and thrift stores. I love that none of it matches, but coordinates beautifully."

Post on Rosary

I found this entry at the Snoring Scholar on October 21, 2010. It is an essay written by Jane Lebak and as a non rosary praying Catholic, it gives me a great idea on how to develop the habit and is a beautiful testimony on what can happen when you ask.

One of the Marian promises addresses “faithful children of the rosary,” but I consider myself an unfaithful child. I first took up the rosary on my subway commute to high school, and I continued whenever I had a job that required a trip into Manhattan.
In 2006, I asked my guardian angel to help me find time for the rosary every day. I figured the angel wouldn’t mind helping me with prayer, and I guess I was right because every day since then, if I haven’t prayed already, I’ll find myself alerted when I have twenty undisturbed minutes coming up. (We won’t talk about the one time I got awakened out of a sound sleep to pray at 11:15 PM.)
During that year, a friend gave me a Lourdes rosary with a mother-of-pearl sheen to the beads. I had it blessed, and I put that rosary in rotation with my others.
Before the end of that year, God inverted my life like a dirty sock.To my own surprise, I responded to the crisis by needing–no, by craving–that daily rosary. Left frightened and small, I began carrying the pearly blessed rosary everywhere. When I hurt, I’d touch it in my back pocket. At night, I kept the rosary in my pajama pocket or sometimes slept with it in my hand.
At one point, a friend mentioned that she wanted to start saying the rosary, and without thinking, I pulled out my rosary and showed her. She said later that because I loved it, she found her own beads and downloaded instructions on how to pray it.
After a month of carrying my rosary everywhere, I began finding pearly flakes on my hands. To my distress, the pearl was only a coating over plain white plastic. Every day, I’d finish the rosary with less pearl, more plastic. Sometimes the paint would peel off a bead all at once, as if it molted.
I showed a friend from church, who exclaimed, “It’s beautiful!” I showed her how it looked ugly where the paint was peeling. She said, “At least that means you’re using it, right?”
I said I guessed so, but only because I had no strength to argue.
One afternoon, as I sat by my window praying, one of the beads lost its paint, and I had this sense of despair, how something pretty was turning ugly because I touched it.
A moment later, I felt reassured by the Holy Spirit: that the rosary, through rough treatment, was losing the fake outside, and what would remain was truly its essence. The same way, through this difficult time, I too was losing the fake outer parts of myself, and what remained when God was done would be the real me, the me God wanted.
The crisis has passed. I’m still praying the rosary every day. And my once-pearly is all white now, bright and clean, pretty in a different way–beautiful the way it should be.