Sunday, March 13, 2011

glittered pumpkins

glittered pumpkins: "

so what if everyone else is already on to their christmas crafts?!

i kinda forgot about fall decorating (may have been our 80*+ weather?), and was actually planning on skipping it altogether, until we re-organized my living room shelves and realized they needed something fallish.

i had some fake pumpkins i had let the girls paint a couple years ago and they were not very festive – i let them choose the colors… pink, purple, green – not very fallish.

so we gave them a coat or 2 of acrylic paint.

and a couple of $5 pots of glitter later (best glitter ever, btw)…

then we painted sections with mod podge and sprinkled on the glitter.

then we went out and bought more pumpkins because these were just too pretty to stand alone!

now i just need to spray them with a clear sealer since 30 little finger keep wiping against these guys, just to get some sparkles for their faces!


a quick funny about glitter: silas calls littering “glittering”! so if you drop something on the ground he says you glittered. i’m not going to correct that one for awhile.


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